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Sober Nation FM

Aug 31, 2019

Mike Dayton has lived, at time out on the edge of life. Coming for a complicated home life Mike had to really raise himself, due to his Mom's mental illness challenges while Mike was young. Growing up without a Father is also a tough situation, all boys need a Father figure in their lives, but Mike made the best out of a bad situation.

In this interview, Mike discusses his addiction challenges and how it effected his ability to be a good Father and a Husband. Mike also goes deep into his drug of choice which was something called flacca. Truly terrible drug.

In this episode we talk about:

- Growing up in a hoarded house with his Mom who was suffering with mental illness. 
- Mike's slide into his addiction as his desire to work harder became destructive. 
- Becoming a Father, the family dynamic as it was while Mike was using vs. living clean
- Hitting his lowest point, making a life changing decision

Much of what Mike discloses with me is unknown to many people close to him. It takes courage to invite people in and disclose details of your life at the risk of judgement.

Show Notes: